For institutional investors

Diversified Continental European Private Credit Investments in the Mid-Cap markets.

Senior private placements

With our senior private placement strategy, we originate, structure and arrange private placements for strong credits (typically investment grade rated) in the upper mid-market.

We support our clients with both senior secured and unsecured private placements with longer maturities.

Senior leveraged and corporate loans

With our senior leveraged and corporate loan strategy Deutsche Credit originates, structures and arranges loan solutions for performing credits to mid-market corporates and sponsor owned borrowers in the non-investment grade credit spectrum.

We support our clients with senior secured loans for organic growth, acquisitions or refinancings.

Senior direct lending

With our senior direct lending strategy, we focus on transactions for performing loans to mid-market corporates and sponsor owned borrowers in the non-investment grade area.

We support our clients with stretched senior, unitranche and second lien loan solutions for organic growth, acquisitions or refinancing requirements, hereby providing more flexible capital compared to traditional bank financing.

Based on its risk-return proposition and flexibility of financing solutions, this strategy is seen as attractive by both borrowers and investors.

Junior debt solutions

With our junior debt strategy, we support corporate and sponsor owned clients with subordinated or hybrid loans in situations where traditional bank finance is difficult to obtain.

We structure and arrange junior debt financings for organic growth projects, acquisitions or to support situations such as the buyout of minorities or family shareholders and succession topics.

Opportunistic credit solutions

With our opportunistic credit strategy, we structure and arrange capital solutions for mid-market companies across a wide range of markets and asset classes where traditional financing solutions are not available.

This includes financings in stressed or distressed situations such as turnarounds, balance sheet restructurings or industries with limited access to traditional financing sources.